Personal Background

I am particularly passionate about fairness & equity, the health of the environment and the importance of regional Australia / NSW for both those living in it and those residing in the cities.  My policies reflect these values.  (Note: some of the policies may overlap with State Government responsibilities but they have been included as there is already significant overlap / duplication in Federal and State Government responsibilities.  I therefore believe that, in the long term, the structure of government jurisdictions in Australia should be examined and improved upon).

I spent my early years in Armidale and was educated in both Armidale and Sydney.  Other than in Armidale, I have lived in Sydney, Canberra, the Blue Mountains and now reside in the Southern Highlands.  I have also lived in the UK for one and a half years in the 1970s.  I have a good understanding of the advantages / disadvantages of living in rural areas, regional cities & big cities as well as their respective requirements.

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